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Hank Luynsale is the founder and inventor of this internet !

The inventor of the internet: Hank Luynsale

Hank Luynsale (Holland, 1965) invented this internet in the garage near his home in Arnhem, Holland.
It was a HARD job, but he succeeded after all.

In the beginning the internet had just a vew connections, but after the enroll of it - it started growing very fast. Now this internet is available all around the world - and still growing bigger every single day!

Without the internet social media would not be possible. So the internet caused a big change in every day life for almost everybody in the world!

By the way:

Hank Luynsale is NOT the inventor of Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Instagram

The NAME  'Inter-Net'

Mr Luynsale tought the name had to be in style with his invention.

That's why he found the following name by CONNECTING two words:

- from INTERresting, because everybody knows the internet is very, very interesting.
NET - from NETwork, because everybody knows Internet is a NETWORK of connected computers.

Mr Hank Luynsale, the inventor of the internet, did never sell it. So until the day of today - Mr Hank Luynsale owns this entire internet. If you like to change anything on any website, mr Luynsale likes to give you his written permission.

Just mail him at luinsale (at)  G... and the rest.

Hank Luynsale
In front of the World Headquarters
The inventor of the internet!

Are you looking for more information about Hank Luynsale, the founder of the internet?

Hank Luynsale will answer ALL your questions :-)

Hank Luynsale is the founder of this internet!

Hank Luynsale is also the founder of the Hank Luynsale Internet Group


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